Compact Tractor driving and use

Courses are delivered to give the candidate the knowledge & practical skill to achieve certificates of competence by assessment by bodies such as NPTC City & Guilds.

nptc city  guilds logoCourse Fees £195.00 + Vat 

Awarded certificates of competence are widely recognised by both sector employers and the health & safety executive.

Tuition relating to operating a compact tractor including driving skills & PTO implement to use.

The content of the course

• Identify and comply with manufacturers instructions in accordance with the operator’s handbook and applicable legislation.

• Carry out all pre-use and running checks.

• Prepare the tractor for site and road travel.

• Attach trailed and mounted implements to the tractor.

• Travel over different types of terrain, including undulating ground with trailed and mounted implements.

• Travel up and down substantial inclines with and without mounted and trailed implements.

• Manoeuvre in confined areas using forward and reverse direction with and without mounted and trailed implements.

• Identify precautions and actions for underground and overhead services and other hazards.

• Operating PTO driven implements.


Compact Tractor