Chainsaw Maintenance & Cross Cutting NPTC 201 202 old CS30

Unit 201 202 Courses are delivered to give the candidate the knowledge & practical skill to achieve certificates of competence by assessment by bodies such as NPTC City & Guilds.

Award in Chainsaw Maintenance (QCF)

Award in Cross-cut Timber Using a Chainsaw (QCF)

Award in Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross Cutting (QCF) Combined course

nptc city  guilds logoCourse fees £395.00+ vat

if combined with unit 203 tree felling to 380mm the combined cost of both course is £705.00+vat a great saving on taking those courses separately at £850.00+vat


Awarded certificates of competence are widely recognised by both sector employers and the health & safety executive.

These NPTC courses are an introduction to the skills & knowledge required for the maintenance, preparation & use of a hand held Chainsaw. Instructors guide the students toward the knowledge and practical skills to effectively inspect and maintain the chainsaw and provide them with those practical skills to prepare for the cross cutting of timber in line with current guidance.

Providing the skills and knowledge for application whether for use in employment and work setting or simply for those wishing to cut firewood for their home fires in a domestic setting. 

This course covers safety relating to personal protective equipment to be worn by the operator PPE alongside the applied guidance & knowledge needed to visually spot the tell tale indicators which may lead to poor saw performance followed by the techniques to correctly prepare the chainsaw for work.

Covering chain sharpening, bar maintenance & working knowledge of the integral units within the chainsaw.

We  teach techniques to guide the candidate to safely crosscut timber using the chainsaw covering site preparation, risk assessing, body positioning  correct stance in chainsaw use, hazard awareness, chainsaw entrapment release techniques, awareness of kickback potentail during the cutting operation, showning a number of techniques to correctly sever timber & perform cross cutting operations safely.

Content of the course

Inspection of the chainsaw.

Identifying elements of the chainsaw that need attention.

Preparation of a chainsaw for use including sharpening techniques and maintenance of the working parts.

Personal protection required by the operator of a chainsaw. 

Safe body positioning and operation of the chainsaw.

Cross cutting  Timber with the chainsaw


                                      Pictured below is Arb schools practical workshop used during this course.

Arbschool- Interior