Ground Chainsaw

Chainsaw Skills Training relevant to Tree Surgeery / Forestry are Training Courses delivered to give the candidate the knowledge & practical skill to achieve certificates of competence by assessment by bodies such as NPTC City & Guilds.

Awarded NPTC  and Lantra certificates of competence are widely recognised by both sector employers and the health & safety executive.

Chainsaw maintenance & cross cutting NPTC Cs 30  

Entry level for chainsaw use, which covers the inspection, maintenance, preparation and operation of a hand held chainsaw.

Guidance is given toward those practical steps needed prior to and during the cross cutting of timber with the chainsaw.

Content of the course

Inspection of the chainsaw.

Identifying elements of the chainsaw that need attention.

Preparation of a chainsaw for use including sharpening techniques and maintenance of working parts.

Personal protection required by the operator of a chainsaw. 

Safe body positioning and operation of the chainsaw. 

pre award of Cs 30 is required

NPTC Cs31 (Felling of a Small tree)  NPTC Cs32 (Felling of a medium / large tree)

Content of the course

legal implications & restrictions of tree felling works.

Site preparation.

Methods of organising the works site.

Safe felling techniques.

Dealing with a tree as becomes hung up in another tree[s] during felling operations.

Dealing with the tree once it is safely on the ground.

Severing of the branch material from the tree [ snedding - branch breakdown  ].

Cutting the tree to the required length [ cross cutting ].

Operational safety during chainsaw maintenance - carry out routine & periodic maintenance to a chainsaw - start & check a chainsaw - understand operator safety during chainsaw use - cross-cut timber - stack cross-cut timber  - identify the risk assessment and emergency procedures on a work site - select and prepare equipment required for safe and effective felling - fell small trees safely and accurately using an appropriate method - fell leaning trees using a safe technique - remove branches safely in a manner appropriate  to the branching habit - crosscut stems accurately and safely to a given length and diameter - stack timber using appropriate manual handling techniques - take down small hung-up trees safely using appropriate hand tools

Units modules Cs 30 [ maintenance ] and Cs 31 [ small tree felling ] can be taken as a joint module course. 

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