Top Handled Chainsaw free fall techniques unit 308 Cs39

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£420+ vat per person

Duration of this course 2 days training + 1 Assessment 

Pre-requisite awards for this are the Tree climbing & Aerial rescue units & Chainsaw use  


Pre-award of units must be achieved prior to this course.


  • Unit 201 – Maintenance of the Chainsaw and Cutting System ( old Cs30)
  • Unit 202 – Cross-Cut Timber Using a Chainsaw ( old Cs30)
  • Unit 203 – Fell and Process Trees up to 380mm ( old Cs31)
  • Unit 206 – Access a Tree Using a Rope and Harness ( old Cs38)
  • Unit 306 – Carry out Aerial Rescue Operations ( old Cs38)

Maximum candidates 4 persons 

Minimum candidates 3 persons 


Course introduction

A course that helps the candidate to take the next step from use of the chainsaw on the ground to its use in an aerial work in arboricultural operations using a top handled chainsaw 'Arborists only'.

Tree surgery courses teach candidates the skills on how to become a tree surgeon, starting with how to climb a tree, using a rope & harness course to perform aerial rescues and advanced chainsaw techniques to become an Arborist.

Site and team organisation with effective communication to enable safe aerial chainsaw works. the climber works with the grounds team to receive a chainsaw from the ground and carrying out chainsaw starting procedures whilst within the tree. The climber then carry outs branch removal techniques to cut limbs in section finishing with a cut which enables the tree to seal the wound by normal natural responses to a wound.

The content of the Course

  • Legislation and safety guidelines relevant to the use of a chainsaw in a tree operating from a rope and harness.
  • Understand safety considerations and preparations to be observed in organising a work site.
  • Use appropriate techniques for establishing secure and comfortable work positions.
  • Demonstrate techniques for accessing chainsaws into the tree and appropriate attachment to the climber's harness.
  • Carry out pre-start checks to the chainsaw cold and hot starting techniques.
  • Use top-handled chainsaws in a safe and efficient manner to remove specified branches.
  • Demonstrate the appropriate use of various cuts and correct final pruning cuts 1-2-3 technique.
  • Understand and fulfil the duties and responsibilities of a competent ground person.

Using a chainsaw in a tree

Candidates should use their own Safety clothing PPE
 if you would like to use your own climbing equipment, this is to be within Loler certification guidelines and certificates as needed to be present for the instructor to view.