PPE personal protective equipment

When attending a training course at Arbschool you should come prepared to ensure your safety guidelines can be seen at the Health & Safety Executives website on Personal protective equipment

A safety helmet which either conforms to EN397 ( for climbers a 3 point chin strap style helmet complying with BS EN 12492). 

Eye protection (complying with either BS EN 1731 mesh visor or BS EN 166 safety glasses).

Hearing protection (complying with BS EN 352-1).

Suitable gloves appropriate to the task and subject to the risk assessment. Consider the need for protection from cuts from the chainsaw, thorny material and cold/wet conditions. Where chainsaw protection is required this should be to BS EN 381-7

Leg protection and groin protection trousers  (complying with BS EN 381-5). Chaps are not permitted. Type C leg protection for aerial work, because of the high all-around chainsaw cut protection. However, where wearing Type C is impractical it may be appropriate to use Type A trousers, were justified by risk assessment (e.g. because of the higher risk of heat stress associated with it).

Protective boots with good grip and protective guarding at the front and in step (complying with BS EN ISO 20345).

Non-snag outer clothing.

The use of high-visibility clothing may also be appropriate.

Candidates should also carry a personal first aid kit

Climbers who bring ropes, harnesses and other equipment with them to use on the course, these items must be within a current LOLER inspection.

Candidates who bring machinery these should conform to CE requirements and the PUWER regulations and be fit for purpose.

If candidates need items these can be supplied purchased through ourselves with prior notice.