Tree Pruning Unit 307 Cs40

Unit 307 Tree Pruning old Cs40

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PRICE £420+vat  

Duration 3 days + 1 for assessment

Pre -requisites 

  • Unit 201 – Maintenance of the Chainsaw and Cutting System ( Formerly Cs30)
  • Unit 202 – Cross-Cut Timber Using a Chainsaw (Formerly Cs30)
  • Unit 203 – Fell and Process Trees up to 380mm (Formerly Cs31)
  • Unit 206 – Access a Tree Using a Rope and Harness (Formerly Cs38)
  • Unit 306 – Carry out Aerial Rescue Operations (Formerly Cs38)
  • Unit 308- Use of a chainsaw for free fall techniques (Formerly Cs39)

Course introduction

Awarded certificates of competence are widely recognised by both sector employers and the health & safety executive.

Inline with NPTC unit 307 old Cs40 this certificate is for an advanced arborist chainsaw operator carrying out aerial pruning operations

Designed to give guidance to the student that they might safely carry out tree pruning operations, applying techniques with hand tools and a chainsaw within and throughout the crown of a tree. 

With assistance from ground staff, the climber uses a rope & harness system taking account of the tree's properties relevant to its individual Genus its structure, location & condition. 

The content of the Tree Pruning Course

  • Understanding the legislation and safety guidelines relevant to the operation.
  • Carry out a risk assessment and brief ground staff.
  • Carrying out pre-start checks to the chainsaw and perform starting techniques.
  • Use appropriate techniques to establish both secure and stable work position.
  • Removing tree limbs using the 1-2-3 of pruning reductive cuts to achieve a finish cut. 

Tree Pruning

Candidates should use their own Safety clothing PPE

If you would like to use your own climbing equipment, this is to be within Loler certification guidelines and certifcates as needed to be present for the instructor to view.