Aerial & ground Tree Rigging - Nptc unit 309 Cs41 & CS45

Unit 309 Tree Rigging - Dismantling Course. and Unit 207 Groundworker

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Adding together the Aerial rigging & dismantling techniques with the ARB' ground worker units

Course fees £780 + vat, per person 

Duration 4 days + 1 assessment

Pre-awards to this course are 

  • Unit 201 (CS 30.1)
  • Unit 202 (CS 30.2)
  • Unit 203 (CS 31)
  • Unit 206 (CS 38 Climbing)
  • Unit 306 (CS38 Aerial Rescue)
  • Unit 308 (CS 39 use of Chainsaw free fall techniques)

Maximum candidates 4 Persons 

Minimum candidates 3 Persons

Course introduction

To give the experienced tree surgeon the knowledge & practical skill to build on tree climbing abilities to achieve certificates of competence by assessment by bodies such as NPTC City & Guilds.

This course looks at techniques to organize the work site, effective team communication. The climber uses a rope & harness climbing system to move within the tree taking account of the tree's properties relevant to its individual Genus, its structure & condition and the location of the tree & that sites specific dynamic applying as required employing lowering systems and techniques.The student will safely carry out dismantling operations with a chainsaw by applying these techniques within and throughout the crown of a tree. With the assistance of the ground staff.  

The content of the Tree Rigging - Dismantling course

  • Understanding the legislation and safety guidelines pertaining to the operation
  • Undertake a risk assessment and brief ground staff.
  • Carry out pre-start checks to the chainsaw, cold and warm saw starting techniques.
  • Use appropriate techniques for secure and stable work positioning.
  • Removing tree limbs
  • Removing vertical sections employing appropriate techniques.
  • Lowering of limbs and sections to the ground with the assistance ground staff.
  • This unit covers the working operation expected of the person working on the ground assisting the climber. Skills include setting out the site, sending the saw and other equipment up to the climber, operating lowering equipment, breaking down crown sections, handling and stacking arisings

    Course content ARB' Groundworks

    Knowledge of what is involved in a Risk Assessment.

    Knowledge of the legal and environmental factors that may be present on the work site.

    Effective communication systems with the climber and other persons on site.

    Pass equipment to the climber in the tree.

    Assist in the lowering of branch material.

    Break down crown sections in preparation for chipping or stacking.

    Methods to deal with arisings / waste material as appropriate for disposal procedure and transport.

    • Plan the job with the climber before the work starts and be aware of the tasks involved. On busy sites consider dedicating a specific member of the ground staff to each climber.
    • Maintain effective communication with climbers at all times.
    • Maintain concentration and watch the climbers. Anticipate their needs, passing up tools and other equipment when required.
    • Keep climbing and work ropes on the ground free of knots, kinks, tangles, branch wood and clear of machinery. Keep ropes in safe positions, eg away from obstructions, vehicles, equipment and the public.
    • Ensure the precautions taken to exclude the public and traffic from the work area are maintained while work is in progress.
    • Keep tools and equipment which are not in use away from the immediate work area.
    • Control working ropes, but do not wrap a rope around any part of the body to gain extra grip or purchase.
    • Continually assess the operation and modify the work plan and risk assessment if you need to. If you are unsure, stop the work and re-assess the operation.

Aerial Tree Dismantling techniques

Candidates should use their own Safety clothing PPE 

if you would like to use your own climbing equipment, this is to be within Loler certification guidelines and certificates as needed to be present for the instructor to view.