Combined Tree climbing & Top handled Chainsaw Cs38 39

Award to Climb Trees unit 206 306  was cs38 combined with cs39 Use of chainsaw in the tree free fall 

Cost  £845.00+ vat per person

6 days of Training + 1 for assessment

Pre-award of 201 202 203 units is required 

Max 4 Candidates 

Min 3 Candidates


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Course introduction

Training Courses designed for Tree Surgeons & Arborists, who can carry out tree surgery & arboricultural works within the tree's canopy.

Tree surgery courses teach the candidates the skills on how to become a tree surgeon, starting course being how to climb a tree using a rope & harness & to perform aerial rescues and moves on to advanced chainsaw techniques to become an Arborist.

Designed to get the candidate up and moving freely off the ground within the tree's canopy safely,

This without stating the obvious this course does require a head for heights, along with a degree of upper body strength and flexibility.

By selecting preparing & inspection a range of suitable climbing equipment, ropes, harness & skills to tie a varied range of climbing knots and their configuration along with guidance on legislation relevant to tree climbing operations.

Course content

  • Understand the legislation relating to tree climbing.
  • Identify personal protective equipment
  • Inspect climbing harness and identify key features.
  • Explaining how to inspect the tree, looking for hazard or safety considerations pre-climb.
  • Tie applicable tree climbing knots.
  • Identify hazards and organize site accordingly.
  • Choose appropriate anchor points.
  • Employ techniques for safe, efficient ascent, maneuvering and descent.
  • Understand the duties of a competent ground person.
  • Carry out aerial rescue techniques with a casualty.
  • Use of body strops & climbing spikes 
  • Use of Top Handled chainsaw to perform free fall techniques & pruning cuts 1-2-3 technique

  Tree climbing & Aerial rescue using rope & harness