When attending courses

When booking, attending courses & training events here at Arbschool.  please read our Terms & Conditions

Ensure that you arrive in time for the start of the day & that you have the relevant Equipment, Personal Protective Equipment all should be compliant to the  HSE guidance and relevant legislation,

If you dont yet have the required PPE or equipment, then we can loan or supply these with prior notice.  

As a guide you might want to visit the PPE pages Chainsaw & Tree climbing  here for PPE or the Health and safety executives website.

if you have any doubts then please contact Arbschool for advice we will be more than happy to help.

Sutable Protective Clothing 

Safety Boots

Safety hat

Eye Protection

A Pen for taking notes

Food & Drink.  

Any equipment you may wish to bring along  

Please allow sufficent time to travel to the centre as not to delay others in the start of the training day.

If you are Delayed then please do let us know.

Be prepared, and enjoy the training.

Learning does not end when you Go home so please do take the time to read & digest the information in readiness for assessment. 

Candidates should use their own Safety clothing PPE [ those these can be supplied subject to prior notice ] if you would like to use your own climbing equipment, this is to be within Loler certification guidelines and certifcates as needed to be present for the instructor to view.