MOD Armed Forces Leavers

When leaving the security of service life many things are uncertain, the challenge of moving into civilian employment can be an anxious time. whether you are from the British Army, Royal Air Force Or HM Navy.  Check out

Whatever the branch of the Armed forces you are leaving our combined skills courses are enhanced with a real understanding of this change as our Founder is an ex-serviceman and therefore we may be the answer to some of those questions, that service leavers are looking for! 

Help in Transition to Civvy life. Real Skills to help you decide and achieve a career after the forces

these skills and through discussion which may guide your route toward an area of Arboriculture

What sector can I work in?   What courses should I do?   Which courses suit the sector I have chosen?

What can I expect to get paid?

We do not know all the answers, 

However, we will, wherever possible give guidance to ease the transition into the civilian world.

With additional business support and guidance available via mentoring, we can advise you toward your goal of employment and helpful guidance in setting up your own business/ self-employment.

A combined course start with a global briefing of the wider Arboricultural world, we then lead step by step covering such things as chainsaw maintenance, tree felling, tree climbing, tree surgery, machine operation courses, giving guidance as to the types of equipment an arborist will need in their day to day work

We also cover personal safety equipment, site safety requirements, site and team organisation, aspect of the law, business guidance, a brief on what equipment is really needed and what equipment is just shiny and new focusing on tree climbing equipment and selection, machinery selection, machine maintenance.

For those needing or aspiring to run their own business, we can give a cross-section of where to buy equipment, tools etc. and routes to work placements and business start-up guidance.

ARB TalkArbTalk is a great source for Tree industry information try the search option in the Forum.